All Things Divine

We are long overdue for some updates here, yowza!

1. Within a couple days, you should be able to contact me directly to hear me make fun of your dick! You’re welcome in advance.

2. The Dominatrix Wonderland Palace is in full swing! I have taken over a residence, with Miss Lina living on the other side of my walls (it’s a duplex,) and we are entering into some kind of new, perfect realm of royal bliss. Now, this is our residence, and not some place for you to request weird playtime, mmkay. We are just planning to taunt you with our pristine terrarium. We’ve been painting and decorating, making our backyard oasis absolutely stunning, and looking good while doing it. The bonus for you? If you want a double cam session, we are about four feet apart, and she bottoms for me and only me 🙂 It’s also safe to say my place is full of unique, rare, and amazing BDSM equipment, so feel free to make requests in advance.

3. I hired my new domestic slave finally! It’s going very well. I get my lawn mowed, my shelves installed, and my feet worshipped, whenever I want. He was also used, painfully, as a tea table on Miss Lina’s birthday. It was adorable. He almost died.

4. The book mines are proving fruitful. You guys, listen – I know so much about sex. My human sexuality and gender book collection can rival any library’s. I’ve actually upgraded my shelves, and have still managed to run out of room. Can I trust that you are into some kind of fetish involving dusty archives, the dim flicker of a fluorescent bulb about to burn out, and a strange, ghostly woman floating through the stacks, whispering that you’re a worthless slut? I HOPE SO!

5. I found this image online (credit to fukari) and it’s actually-for-real every morning at the Dominatrix Wonderland Palace:

Look at this fucking picture of me and Lina. lolol THIS IS OUR EVERY DAY!

Look at this fucking picture of me and Lina. lolol THIS IS OUR EVERY DAY!