Winter Wickedness 2014 Recap: Popping cherries, breaking hearts.

What a whirlwind. Holy Fuck. 

Night #1: I represented my teenage self, dawning all 90’s gear for the “Decades of Decadence” theme. I received compliments on my extreme detail, which was great, because all I did was dress exactly how I dressed for all of high school. Good for me! 

The Fems United (F.U.C.K.) meeting was huge! Tons of people came, and the new official merchandise for the group was unveiled. It was exciting to see so many Dominant Women all around one table, sharing the Valentine’s Day treats I brought 🙂 

Many good conversations and lots of ogling later, Lina and I ended our evening with a trampling session I believe you already saw a photo of here. The reviews rolled in and it’s been explained to me that we facilitated a fantasy the gentleman had sported since his youth. Success all around. Popping cherries, breaking hearts. 

Night #2: Fucking unfortunately I came too late to make the workshops and classes, which bummed me out. I hear there were some amazing presentations, but I was running late because of a serious traffic accident I got stuck behind, and almost participated in, because of an idiot cop. Of course. 

However! Once we arrived, everything was magical. All the attendees looked amazing, everyone was in a great mood and having a good time, and the energy was perfect. (The Queer meeting was also fucking huge and super fun.) There were some amazing scenes to watch, plenty of spank bank material, and Lina and I had another good scene. (This time with a borrowed pet, from his lovely Master, where we practiced a little CBT, spanking, caning, and foot worship.) 

I was proud to sport my new Artifice Clothing matte PVC outfit with fur shrug, and received all the compliments ever. My talented stylist gave me a space-age and impressive hair style to match. I was very pleased. 

Here are pics, classily taken in a bathroom stall because where the fuck else would we take photos during a private event, dur: 

WW hairWW Corset Detail WW w/LinaWW Lina

Yet again, success all around. 

Post WW, I’ve been exchanging emails with all the wonderful people I either spoke to for the first time, or reconnected with. The conversations have been rich and rewarding and I’m beyond pleased to be having them. 

I got some Top Drop, per usual after events, but nothing deadly. (I think part of it was actually a minor cold I’ve been fighting off, so no big deal.)