Winter Wickedness, Day One

Everyone looked amazing. It’s too much to enjoy all at once. Chatting and voyeurism and scene-planning… heaven.

After some hilarious ice-breaking, Lina and I took a little time out to end our evening with a totally delightful trampling scene. We. Loved. It.

We also made him take a picture of us while he was on the floor luvin’ on our tootsies:



I opted for 1990’s as my decade to represent at the Decades of Decadence theme party. Crushed velvet miniskirt, industrial boots, legit vintage Depeche Mode shirt, ripped stocking, too-dark lipstick, round shades, and my super sweet knit hat. Cakewalk, man. All I had to do was put on exactly what I wore every damn day to high school. Lolz.

More WW today! More photos tomorrow, and be sure you’re keeping an eye on my twitter!