Get Ready – New Photo Shoot En Route!

Where have I been, you ask? Mostly on my phone, because my desktop broke briefly and needed repairs. Bummer all around.


I have been busy.

Aside from my ongoing efforts to move, I took a weekend off the daily grind to enjoy a lengthy, wonderful photoshoot – with the lovely Miss Lina Rousseau…

Now, Miss Lina is new to all this, and exploring with a level of motivation I would classify as “bloodthirst.” She’s fearless and curious and god knows I run that club, so she’s not just around for me to paw at. (I touch her butt, because it is an awesome butt.) She’s here to rule from a switchy, princess throne.


Well, Little Johnny, I found a particularly beautiful and well-curated apartment with late 50’s decor as far as the eye could see – and most of it was bright, vibrant colors. So? We went for full-on LA glam circa 1590 or so. Color everywhere. Lots of big, gold jewelry and my big, gold, Midas dick to match.

Miss Lina channeled her inner sex worker which is basically this:


I tried to channel Peg Bundy’s spirit which was goddamn great. Let’s me illustrate:

peg bundy

Miss Lina, I can’t even describe. It was like staring into perfection. Perfect wardrobe for her!

There may or may not have been pix of forced cunt eating, light bondage, elaborate gags, me being grabby, Miss Lina sucking my cock, beautiful heels and foot photos, great shots for hand fetishists, etc. We are going to have to see what comes out well in editing. And I’m sorry-not-sorry in advance: it’s all implied nudity. If you want to see her cunt on film, you are gonna have to pay for it. I will also be there, touching at it with weird devices.

There was also some, oh, exotic decompressing afterward.

And while I can’t use his name, I want to give a shout out to our amazing photographer who was so pleasant to work with and whom I greatly look forward to having worship my feet.

Our little cell phone pic:

photoshoot teaser

Also, this was appropriately left waiting for us on the coffee table: