December 22


Support The Ohio Wildlife Center = Gratis Snapchat Pix of Yours Truly

Wildlife Center

This owl can love you with a great intensity. Look at it. It totally could. BUT HOW?

Alright perverts, this year I am supporting the Ohio Wildlife Center as my charity of choice. You can pay a specific amount (see link) and adopt an animal in need. If you do it in my name, and email me proof (including but not limited to the certificate of adoption and photo of the animal they elect to receive the donation) I will send you a few personalized, just-for-you, snapchat photos and post the certificate on my blog with credit to you (or your preferred alias) and a big fucking thank you.

Come on, this is awesome. You can help out foxes and herons and stuff. IN FACT my lovely assistant works there, so I will have first-hand accounts of the wildlife you are supporting.

To be clear: This is my preferred holiday gift. I appreciate the corsets and dresses, but unless those are an addition to the certificate of adoption, please refrain and just focus on this.