December 15


Erotica Zine – Holiday Edition!


My Favorite Aspiring Prostitute and (Yours Truly) put together our annual holiday zine, filled with terrible, terrible erotica!

And this year, we have decided to share it with anyone who would like a copy. 

Last year (back issue #1) was a mix of written and illustrated content, some ours, some collected from other people. This year, it is 100% illustration and captions.

We are offering back issues, current issues, and .pdf files of each. 


If you would like to request a copy, a suggested donation of (as much as you can afford and then some) is suggested via GiftRocket to pay for printing, shipping, and handling. 

This is your chance to own something I once touched! You can smell it and hump it! I’ll put some of my perfume on it and you can cuddle it at night and cry! HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING HOLIDAYS, WIENERS!