Winter Wickedness Prep

I finished ordering most everything for me and my Companion Cube. It’s looking fucking excellent, you guys. Just goddamn excellent.

  1. If you try to touch her at Winter Wickedness, I will cut off your fucking hands.
  2. If you try to touch me, I will break your jaw.
  3. If you are invited to touch either of us and decline, both of the above will happen.
  4. You are going to want to touch us, watch out.

Here is the lineup: 

For My Companion Cube:

CC slip CC skirt CC shoes

Plus a delightful black satin waist cincher, and an outfit I can’t post yet because it’s a surprise for her.

For Yours Truly:

This (faux, I’m not a fan of real) fur shrug fit for The Great Tyrant (look her up!):

fur shrug

The corset and skirt shown here, in the same matte PVC. (I did not order the bolero jacket and those boots are awful.) I’ve been wanting this outfit forfuckingever and I’m so, so excited to finally have it.

artifice outfit

If you are curious about what it will look like on me, the above model is literally exactly my size, and a redhead, so uh, there ya go.