September 21


C.O.P.E. 2013 Follow-Up

If I met you there, congratulations. I looked pretty great. I bet it was awesome for you. (Especially if you are someone who got spanked.)

If I didn’t meet you there, what the fuck? Where were you?

COPE was fantastic. The organizers and those who volunteered were (and remain) incredible people and we should all thank them for working so hard. They put together a fabulous event with articulate and insightful speakers, lavish play spaces, and totally decent snacks to keep us all from crashing at 3am.

These are only a couple of the presenters/vendors, but everyone who participated is absolutely, totally worth looking into:

My new spanker with gorgeous red and gold wood is from: Mr. Malaprop

A very fine lecture on the Psychology of Humiliation was given by: Sea (a man who gives excellent foot rubs at 2am)

A wonderful class on fingerbanging (that was surprisingly well-done given it was presented by a male) from: Dan (of Two Knotty Boys) impressed and astounded many of the attendees.

…And a hundred other presenters and vendors, but I didn’t see everyone, because I can’t be in ten places at once.

There aren’t really many photos, because cameras aren’t allowed in the event space (for good reason) and I didn’t feel like being a vain asshole and posing for photos in the hallways or hotel lobby. I will, however, recreate my amazing outfits in some future shoots, so it’s not a total loss.

For now…

My new spanker:

By Mr. Malaprop

By Mr. Malaprop

Part of my outfit for Day 2 of COPE:


Also!  A.I.S. and C.O.P.E. raised roughly two-thousand dollars for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom – which is AMAZING!