On Hypnotism, Hypnofetishes, Brainwashing, Mindfucking, and Yours Truly

hypno powers!

Let’s consider this post a primer, assume that there is much more to know, and that right now, we don’t want to read a novel. This is meant to serve as a general reference. For a more detailed rundown of my Mindfuck Mastery & HypnoSlut Training specifically, please see this post.

HYPNOTISM is a well-known, but not particularly well-understood, practice in kink. There are varieties of hypno-fetish scenes, some based on myth, some on fact, and some on pure boners. Let’s review:

The first and generally most popular in kink: SVENGALI BRAINWASHING AND TOTAL MIND CONTROL! 

This is the créme de la créme of power play. It is a role play situation in which one party (the Dominant) asserts total control over their helpless puppet (the submissive) and controls their every thought, movement, dream, and wet-dream. (Loooook into my eyes… and so on.) This is a cathartic, dramatic, erotic form of role play that exercises the imagination and the libido.

In the sense that we all experience some form of hypnosis almost daily (*see below,) this can totally count as legitimate hypnosis. Sub-Space is a kind of trance, which you can tap into in almost every variety of role play. In this Svengali situation, it is naturally the goal to reach and maintain that sort of dizzying fog.

However, in functional, modern hypnosis, this is considered a Hollywood myth and, while extra fun, is not actual hypnosis. You cannot force anyone to comply with your commands, without their consent or knowledge. It is impossible.

This is where it gets complicated.

If the submissive party IS consenting to the role play, and DOES like the idea of, say, giving you all their money or wearing a chastity device, then we get into this territory where you CAN breach the make-believe part of the role play. It becomes possible to cross over into this world where the Dominant can suggest some very unique things that worm their way into their sub’s thoughts. It is less “Pretend you’re a chicken,” and more “Your deepest, most gratifying sexual release only comes after you do (insert activity) for me. Without this, you will find yourself unable to orgasm.”

This still suffers from some technical difficulties, but it is pretty sexy and fun.

*Please also note that this is a form of hypnosis reserved exclusively for play partners, Pro or Lifestyle, but never for complimentary health care with a certified hypnotist.

The second form of Hypnosis in kink: EROTIC HYPNOSIS 

This is less “I’m going to control your every thought and action” and more “I want you to focus on your cunt getting wetter and wetter.” It is, also, not exclusively for kink. Anyone who is into deeply intimate, tantric-style sex totally has this option. It can be a seriously life-changing experience for any sexually active couple. It’s legit, to boot. You can experience a very real depth of trance and find yourself lost in a world of sexual bliss. It DOES take some technical skill, but this is something that can be learned from books about the subject, or of course meeting with a certified (sexological!) hypnotist to get some pointers on how to employ this effectively in your sex life.

* Please also note that this is a form of hypnosis reserved exclusively for play partners, Pro or Lifestyle, but never for complimentary health care with a certified hypnotist.

On Hypnosis In General and What I Do: 

Hypnosis, as I’m sure you know, is a technique people have been exploring for decades and decades. The initial ideas about how it worked have largely been discredited, and newer, more accurate information has been discovered and used very effectively. There are a couple schools of thought, which I won’t go into, but both are used to help resolve anything from bad habits to emotional scarring.

I, personally, have studied what is called “Sexological Hypnotism” as a facet of my larger degree in Human Sexuality. It is not role play. It is quite serious in practice. This is a form of complimentary health care used to help people resolve sexual issues. I can help anyone from couples having problems in their sex life, to trans gendered people experiencing sexual difficulties, to impotence, to discomfort with fetishes, and so on. The entire point is that I know sex and have been trained on how to effectively aid in the resolution of sexual difficulties and issues.

A side effect of knowing how to for-real hypnotize people, and about human sexuality, and about kink, is that I have a great deal of skill when it comes to creating exotic, thrilling, and intense fantasy role play involving hypnosis. I know of no other Pro Domme in the world who has formally studied human sexuality and sexological hypnotism, actually. (If you do, please tell me! I would love to know her!)

But here is the thing to remember: While I may have a certification in Sexological Hypnosis, it is never, ever a thing I use in role play. This is something that would be akin to medical malpractice. (It also wouldn’t make any fucking sense because it’s not erotic.) I would lose my credentials and get blacklisted and all kinds of shit. I would also die of some kind of moral necrosis.

What I offer as a Pro Domme is role play and role play exclusively. I explore and create fantasy. I am excellent at it, and not full of shit, but I will not (and cannot) fuck with your head in ways that you do not consent to. (Anyone who says they can is bullshit, anyway.) I CAN create a consensual, erotic world with you where you willingly submit to power play and where I direct you on what you feel and what you do. I CAN intensify and fine-tune your kinks and behaviors in ways that make you want to cry out from bliss. I CAN train you to be a willing puppet and create new and erotic associations between things you have previously thought impossible. It is a joint project, though. It is a mutual agreement to “brainwash” you in role play, and in actuality be having a really great time that we will both enjoy for many years to come. And really, the second you call me about hypnosis role play, you are already consenting. We can pretend it’s against your will all we want, but you are who made the call.

Controversy: The world of certified hypnotists does, and should, have some concerns about Professional Domination and Hypno-Fetish Role Play. It smells like non-consensual play and abuse of power. I understand this fully and would like to address it as best I can.

I submit to the record that almost none of the people who are certified in hypnosis are also Pro Dommes. (This lack of experience and knowledge goes both ways amongst the two professions. Few Dommes actually know hypnosis, maybe none know about sexuality and hypnosis formally, and I don’t know of any hypnotists, or sexological hypnotists, who have worked in professional BDSM.) I have yet to find another person who knows both sides of this fence. With this in mind, there are some key points to be made:

1. You cannot fully hypnotize someone without their consent. This being the case, abuse of power should be a non-issue.

2. All clients who call all Dommes are consenting participants. They may request hypnosis role play. They may drift from trance, to imaginative submission, and back, but all of this is consensual. It is an elaborate, wonderful fantasy that is often misunderstood.

3. The deep concern over the overlap of hypnosis role play and financial domination is silly. People freak out over the mention of money. Anyone who knows anything about financial domination, knows that it is absolutely no different than any other kink at it’s base. It is just a different form of vulnerability than, say, getting fucked in the ass or CBT.  Given that we are all unable to engage in non-consensual hypnosis, obviously this shouldn’t be such a big worry, and I suggest that anyone so deeply concerned with this address their prejudice about financial domination before assuming this combination is dangerous.

4. In addition: I suggest that anyone deeply concerned about the combination of Erotic Hypnosis Role Play and Professional Domination, as a whole, examine their prejudices about sex workers and sex work in general. Educate yourself! It’s fun and informative.

5. This is a biggie. Get your notepad out:  If you have previously been, or are currently, a patron of my Professional Domination skills, and you would like to enlist my services as a Certified Sexological Hypnotist: You are shit out of luck. Sorry kiddo, but we do not cross the streams. I will not (and cannot, without great consequence) accept a client for comprehensive health care that has sexualized our relationship already and/or sees me as an authority figure. I will, however, happily and readily give you a reference to a professional I trust and respect that can help you with whatever issue you may have, and you are invited to show-off your newly improved sexual being in a future session with me.

*On the hypnosis we experience just going about our lives: I bet you didn’t know this was a thing. It is! We do this all the time and it is something you can learn to tweak and alter. When you zone-out, this is a form of trance. Sub-Space fits into this category. Daydreaming counts, too. When you repeat a thought to yourself, such as “I want to lick her boots for hours,” you are driving this thought home, and making it a more solidified reality. It goes from a phrase, to a thought, to a belief. You need neither a Hypnotist nor a Domme for these thoughts to solidify. Self-Hypnosis happens even when we don’t mean for it to. It’s pretty incredible.