Mindfuck Mastery & HypnoSlut Training by Ms. Yve, The Supreme Brainwashing Queen

How’s this for an opener: I will give you $5 if you can find a single Domme in the world who is more qualified than I am to brainwash you.


Here is the short list of why I am so extremely, supremely, dreamy as a HypnoDomme:

  • I study human sexuality formally.
  • I am certified in a form of hypnosis specifically related to sexuality (and may be the only Pro Domme who is)
  • I am an experienced Domme, Mindfucker, and Humiliatrix, both in person and online.
  • I really, really fucking like what I do.

In brief: I will fuck you up. 

We all have our list of kinks, things that get us off, and things that interest us. Mine is more like a web. It looks like this:

Web of Pervs

You see that big section in the middle? About BDSM, Humiliation, Mindfucking, and Greed? That’s the part we are discussing here, Dear Reader. Let’s talk about what we both want and what will happen…

I will listen you to nervously squeak about your preferences, what your fantasies are, and make our polite introductions… but we both know what you’re here for.

You want to dream about me, obsess over pleasing me, feel an uncontrollable urge to serve me, unexpectedly find yourself clicking buttons on my website, whisper my name in your sleep, beg me for custom recordings to listen to in your car and at the gym, and jerk-off crying to yourself about how you can never have me. You want to saturate your every waking moment with a never-ending sense of devotion to me, a hunger you cannot fully sate, and uncomfortable urges you cannot pin-down the origins of and don’t know how to escape.

You. Want. Rewired.

You want to be owned and manipulated by someone who truly knows what she is both doing and undoing.

This is a Reprogramming & Brainwashing Hypnoslut Training Course. You want in.

But enough about what you want. Here is what I want: 

I want an army of drones. I want well-trained, deeply devoted pets and playthings who do, indeed, cry when they jerk-off about me. I want you to beg. I want you to lose sleep. I want you to humiliate and degrade yourself for me. I want you to serve me when you shouldn’t. I want you to browse my photos at your desk during the workday. I want you to tearfully wank in the bathroom stalls in bars, listening to my voice on your headphones. I want you to find yourself so utterly, totally, and completely brainwashed that you risk your reputation and personal relationships just to please me. I want you to dedicate every orgasm you have to me. I want you to forgo orgasms when I get bored of your dedications. I want you to squirm, beg, plead, and not know how you got yourself so deep into trouble.

And I will hypnotize you, as only I can, to get these things. (You can’t tell, but I’m tossing my hair right now.)

The catch? Not everyone gets admission to Ms. Yve’s Mind Control Carnival Show. Only the most willing, interested, and malleable clowns are allowed to join this performance. You have to be ready to juggle my demands with a smile on your face, or I won’t bother to entertain your application. You must email me a request, and I suggest making it damn good, or you will not receive a reply.

I also highly, highly suggest you read this post before emailing.