I Want Votes!

Okay, for my EXISTING fan base, who (by necessity) have to like girls with tattoos (or they wouldn’t be in the fucking fanclub):

Would ink on my legs bother you? Would ink on my feet bother you?

My personal opinion: I love well-done, tasteful, body-flattering tattoos. Love em. This is why I have a few. I have been considering letting them trickle down to my legs and feet, which I think are very attractive locations, but I am not a person who has a form of partialism dedicated to either of these body parts. Like, I think tattoos on legs/feet are hot, but I also don’t fuck feet. I fuck girls with tattoos. It’s a whole kink in itself, but it can impact others.

So, if YOU, you, reading this right now, are a person who has a distant, hopeless crush on me, ink and all, have an opinion about whether or not lower ink would ruin something for you, tell me! I’m super curious.

Here are some examples of things I like:

rosey feet

fancy legs