August 07


How I Got So Incredibly Dirty

I get this question a lot, in various forms.

“When did you discover you liked kink?”

“How did you know you were kinky?”

“How long have you known you were a Domme?”

The answer is less sexy and more vague than you would like, Dear Reader. Sorry.

In a nutshell, I was just lucky as hell. I somehow escaped the concept of sexual stigma, oppression, suppression, and notions of normal vs. abnormal. All those bullshit-conservative-judgmental plagues just never got around to me. I was fortunate.

This, in turn, meant that as I discovered my sexuality, I discovered it without hinderance. I did whatever I wanted and never felt bad about it.

Later, I would learn formal terminology and find that there were communities for people like me, but the seed had long been planted.

The fun part of all this is that I am, as a result of never experiencing it, fascinated with people who feel guilty, nervous, and ashamed about their interest in kink. (Enter humiliation…) It’s a blast for me to prod those who have superstructures of negative feelings about kink with simultaneous boners about it.

Ya’ll are hilarious to me.