Beat your meat to the tune of my siren song…



I know ya’ll have been wanting to call for ages. I know.

But lo! I am in the process of opening-up some new lines, so that you may call, and enjoy my sweet, sweet radio voice – and if you pay for the privilege, to see my lovely visage on cam.

Now, I don’t plan to be doing what I once did (i.e. spending 40 hours a week with an open line to let you call when you had the inclination.) This is going to be a little more appointment-only and maybe some “Hey I’m online right now, feel free” communiques, shot into the void of the internet. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you just as much as I once did , it just means I have more going on outside of hearing you beat your meat to the tune of my Siren song. (Oh man, can you steal a line from yourself? I need to use that somewhere.)

It’s all a little rough right now, and pretty bare bones, including the website you’re currently looking at in admiration. Keep your shirt on, though. It will continue to evolve into a more mature and elegant creature, one day climaxing at full internet self-actualization, the perfect image of code and lurkspiration.